Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Mindfulness Exercises

At Family Roots, we know it can feel hard to find the time or resources for self-care. We also believe that embodied practices can help us feel less stressed, more in-control, and centered. That’s why we offer yoga and mindfulness exercises to help you and your family find a sense of groundedness in chaotic times.  

Prenatal Yoga Series

This series is a package of 6 videos that are each 60 minutes long. You can watch the videos when it’s convenient for you and you will have access to them at your leisure.

Prenatal yoga helps pregnant people find peace and mobility. Prenatal yoga gives room for baby to grow and helps strengthen the structures that surround the uterus- supporting an easier, more natural labor. We’ll move slowly and intentionally, using props liberally.

Shoulder Openers & Spine Lengtheners– Create flexibility and space in the top body to find easier breathing and movement.
Pelvic Openers– Create more space for baby to come down and through!
Hip Strengtheners– Find stamina and strength in muscles around the pelvis to prepare for birth.
Twists– Release stuck emotions and strengthen the side-body.
Core Strength– Stabilize the muscles around baby.
Leg Work & Foundations– Power up the lower half of the body to create a stable foundation.

Gentle Yoga Series

This series is a package of 6 videos that are each 60 minutes long. You can watch the videos when it’s convenient for you and you will have access to them at your leisure.

Gentle yoga moves slow, focusing on breath, strength, and alignment. This series incorporates chakras- tapping into subtle-body energy centers. Gentle yoga is appropriate for all ages, abilities, and skill levels- a great grounding activity for families.

Neck Release & Throat Chakra– Release tension in your neck while building shoulder strength. Tap into compassionate and creative expression and communication.
Back Bends & Heart Chakra– Strengthen the muscles in your back while creating openness in the chest. Connect to courage and empathy in order to protect yourself and your community.
Core Strength & Solar Chakra– Find strength in your core abdominals. Radiate your personal power by balancing independence and responsibility.
Hip Openers & Root Chakra– Create flexibility and strength in the hips and pelvis. Tap into a sense of grounded safety and creativity.
Leg Work & Power Poses– Strengthen the quads and calves. Find power for your day by activating the lower body.
Feet & Foundation– Focus on alignment and the muscles in the feet. Create a stable base for your week.

Children’s Yoga

Our next children’s yoga series will be a live video class via Zoom. Kaleigh Boysen-Quinata (Family Roots Therapy) and Rebecca Garetz of Rosehip Wellness will lead kids through a series of yoga adventures. Kids will go to outer space, under the sea, and on a safari, while learning yoga movements and breathing exercises. This is a great opportunity to move their bodies after school and learn to manage big feelings!

$90 for the six week series

Meditation & Mindfulness Exercises

We also offer meditation and mindfulness exercises where we focus on breath, body attunement, and relaxation. These video sessions are often shorter, helping you come to a calm state, connecting mind and body.

Yoga Instructors

Emily Davis

Emily Davis is a hatha and prenatal yoga instructor (RYT200 & PYT85), birth doula, and therapist. She is passionate about integrating mental, physical and spiritual health. Her yoga and mindfulness sessions focus on strength and alignment for all bodies and levels, with verbal cues and modifications that center accessibility. Emily believes that intentional, breath-focused movement has incredible healing power, and that yoga and meditation can help us find a feeling of embodied connection and safety.    

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