Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family counseling can help support your entire family through significant life changes, grief, conflict, or stressful situations. We work with families experiencing:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a family member
  • Re-marriage and blending families
  • Supporting a family member with special needs or dealing with mental illness
  • Other stress-inducing occurrences

Our Family Counseling

The family counseling process can vary quite a bit based on the needs of the family. For families with young children, it is often beneficial to start the process with the parents only, as we try to be mindful of discussing sensitive topics in front of young children and there is often information that it is necessary to share without them present. With older children, it is often beneficial and respectful to have them included from the beginning.

Family counseling will involve meeting with the entire family together to set goals, to practice respectful communication, and to hear everyone’s perspective. We look to parents to be involved participants in the process and to take the lead on making appropriate changes in the home. We often give “homework” in between sessions and encourage families to continue meeting and communicating outside of counseling sessions to get the best result from this process.

Families often report better communication, improved behavior in children, decreased stress, and increased closeness and connection after family counseling sessions. This process can help you and your family get “unstuck” and figure out how to identify and interrupt the patterns that are keeping you from having the relationships you want to have.

A Safe Place for
Your Family

At Family Roots, we are accepting and inclusive of all kinds of families. We believe that there is no one right way to be a parent or to create a family. We base our treatment for family counseling off of each family’s goals and values. Our approach to counseling is from a non-judgmental, supportive perspective regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, religion, or culture.

If you feel ready to make some changes in your family and work together toward a more connected, respectful, and peaceful home, please reach out and make an appointment.

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