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Relationship Therapy in Portland

We offer relationship therapy in Portland for partners who seek support improving the communication and connection in their relationship.The period of time right after having a baby and while children are young is incredibly stressful on a relationship. It’s a time when many partners feel disconnected and angry or resentful. It’s a period of change as each parent adjusts to parenting in their own way. Sometimes one parent may inadvertently leave the other parent behind or set the relationship aside to focus on the new child. We believe that those in this stage of life often benefit from support around creating a new shared vision for their relationship and family. It requires effort and intentional focus on the relationship to prevent the gradual drift apart that many partners experience after children are born.

Our Relationship therapy

The relationship therapy process begins with partners coming together to create mutual goals. We will work together to identify strengths in the relationship and build on what drew you to each other in the first place. We will also practice respectful, positive communication and work to build up a “balance” of more positive interactions.

Additionally, we will discuss each person’s family of origin and the examples that you saw of relationships growing up. Most people have unconscious and unspoken beliefs and expectations about partnership. In the relationship therapy process, we will work to uncover some of those beliefs and develop patterns that work for you in your partnership. 

A Specialized Approach
for Parents

Because we work primarily with parents at Family Roots, we may also focus on differences in parenting styles and help parents find a “united front” in how to approach discipline and care for their children. This is a common area of conflict for new parents, and we find it beneficial to address these concerns as early as possible and learn to talk about the personal values and beliefs behind parenting styles.

At Family Roots, we are inclusive and supportive of all kinds of partners and families. Our therapists have experience treating LGBTQ partners and strive to be inclusive of diverse families and belief systems.

If you are struggling in your relationship and feel you and your partner or spouse could benefit from couples therapy, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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