Shyanne Young

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Moda, Pacific Source, Providence, OHP, or direct payment ($150/session)

Shyanne’s inherent certainty that all behavior makes sense in context, along with believing all people are doing the best that they can with what they have, guided her to the field of systemic therapy. She approaches her work through the integration of narrative, experiential, and humanistic therapy models. She identifies as a postmodern therapist; someone who is passionate about extending compassion to families and individuals who have been influenced by intergenerational patterns, and/or embedded in environments that have not provided them with equitable opportunities to thrive. Shyanne does not believe any one person is the problem, but rather that people have needs, and some have not always been exposed to all available options of getting those needs met. Therefore, people may develop problematic ways of coping, communicating, and expressing emotions. She holds the assumption that your presenting/identified problem has served a purpose of functioning within the system(s) in which they reside. She believes people seek help when established patterns of interaction are no longer sustainable, becoming harmful and/or distressing to oneself or others. She is dedicated to helping build insight into your underlying needs and supporting you in finding alternative mechanisms for getting those needs met. Alternative mechanisms that will fill the role of the problem in a way that is functional, sustainable, and aligned with your values. Shyanne knows that we are all human, we all make mistakes and have an intrinsic desire to grow into becoming the best self that we can be. She holds a deep admiration for people who take the vulnerable and brave step of asking for support around breaking down the barriers to becoming the self they yearn to be and turning towards making necessary changes to increase their opportunity to thrive.
Shyanne believes that no individual or family is the same, nor should they be. With this perception, she keeps an open mind and fosters a warm, accepting environment as she gets to know her clients for the unique and one-of-a-kind humans that they all are. She believes that there is no one way to be a family, parent, child, or partner and that all humans are deserving of respect, care, and space to heal, no matter their background, identity, or belief system. She approaches her work with curiosity and views her role as a collaborator who strives to support change that exists within the guidelines of your value and belief system. She will help you define your own goals, providing you with agency to approach and process change as you work together. As her client, you will be met with unconditional positive regard and hope as she views you through her empathetic, kind, and optimistic lens that is natural to her as a human, and an asset to her as a therapist. Shyanne will sit beside you to facilitate discussion that allows you to guide yourself through insight-building, strength recognition, and identifying the tools you need to remain confident as the author of your own story. In her relational work, she holds the belief that all guardians want the best for their children, and all partners want the best for their loved one(s). She holds the belief that change is most likely to occur when family members and partners come together against the problem rather than continuing to let the problem turn them against each other. She may gently challenge you as she supports you to turn towards change, engaging you as a team to gain mastery and autonomy in a new narrative that includes having the ability to bounce back, love yourself, and maintain connection through the inevitable ups and downs of the various life stages and changes that have yet to be written.
Shyanne received her master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon. She has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and facilitating therapeutic groups. She has provided treatment to clients struggling with eating disorders, body dysmorphia/dysphoria, PTSD, depression, anxiety, autism, OCD, substance use, and grief. Prior to Family Roots, Shyanne worked in residential eating disorder treatment, as an ABA behavioral therapist, and as a grief/bereavement counselor. She has thoroughly enjoyed engaging family members in their loved one’s treatment and found fulfillment through providing parent coaching. She loves to play and is recharged through time spent with kids. She is excited to engage kids in play therapy utilizing art, games, and sand tray activities. Shyanne is always excited to learn, grow, and develop meaningful connections with her clients. Outside of her role as a therapist, Shyanne loves spending time outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. She enjoys crafting, making candles, laughing at the comedy club, vegging out with snacks and a good psychological thriller, and spending time with her partner and the new addition to the family, their doggy Roscoe.

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