Anya Hall

Trent Weber

Student intern

Accepting New Clients
OHP or direct payment ($50/session)

Trent believes that people’s ideal lives are more attainable than they’ll even imagine. His perspective of therapy is one where the client is the captain of the ship and the therapist is the co-captain, always there to be the “tap on the shoulder” when necessary. Trent has a strong focus on creating the space for children and adolescents to feel safe to share without any scrutiny or judgment. He is passionate about the relationships clients want to have both with themselves, their bodies, and their caregivers. His work with clients also revolves around being a trauma informed therapist as well as assisting clients through the grieving and loss process. Trent feels that oftentimes the system’s we are born into don’t allow us to expand on what relationships and connection looks like for us individually. He holds a strong belief that stories are meant to be re-written and that our clients are the authors of their own story, able to cross things out and add something new at any time.

Trent’s approach to therapy revolves around Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Ecotherapy. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University and is proud to be pursuing a Masters Degree in Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy at Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education. Previously Trent had worked with neurodiverse children and adolescents as a behavioral technician where he advocated for better learning and home environments for children to succeed and be the most supported. He has also participated in research studies revolving around the safety and overall well being of children and adolescents as well as experience as a caretaker. 

Outside of supporting clients, Trent enjoys spending his time out in nature; whether that is snowboarding, hiking, reading a book in the park, or spending time with his fiance, dog, and cat. He loves the city of Portland and the many community  outlets that it has to offer.