Most parents don’t want to yell at their children. And yet, ALL parents find themselves yelling at some point. I experience shame around yelling at my son because I TEACH positive discipline classes! Who am I to tell people to calmly set limits with their children when I am over here yelling, “PUT YOUR SOCKS BACK ON RIGHT NOW! WE NEED TO LEAVE!” as I try to head out the door for work.

No one is perfect, and all parents do lose their cool at some point. Forgive yourself for the occasional outburst, apologize, and model accepting responsibility and repairing relationships to your child. But when yelling becomes an every day pattern rather than the result of a bad day, it may be time to take a closer look at why and address it. I have noticed myself yelling more often than I’d like to lately, and have been reflecting on the reasons why. I think many of these reasons will resonate with other parents too, so I’ll share some here.

Do any of these relate to you? Anything you would add?